Bridal and After Wedding Sessions

Here’s the deal: sometimes you just need extra time to fit everything in. You should not feel rushed on a day as monumental as your wedding day. Also you may just want to spend more time with your guests. After all, it IS a party :) This is why I offer bridal sessions and post-wedding couple sessions. A bridal session is done a few weeks, and sometimes even months, before your wedding date. You get all gussied up, and we go out and make magic. This way, we are more in control of time, background, hair, and makeup, allowing for beautiful, stress-free pictures. Then on the day of your wedding, you can focus on your family, friends, and the love of your life. No picture stress today, y’all! 

Post-wedding sessions are for the couple that is super set on not seeing each other before the wedding. (That picture of him crying when you walk down the aisle will get ya every time. Also, pleeeease ask me about comparing "first look" shots versus traditional shots.) When you schedule a post-wedding session, after your ceremony is over you can quickly get whisked away to your reception without a care in the world. Straight to your guests, carbs, and liquid courage. Who’s worrying about sunlight? Not you! We’ll get great shots of you and your sweetie after the wedding and after all the fun with your family and friends.

These sessions allow me to facilitate beautiful moments in a more controlled environment. Maggie Rae Photography is a stress-free zone. 



Sometimes a woman just needs to let the sassy flag fly! I love boudoir sessions. They make WONDERFUL gifts to your special someone. But, who says you have to be getting married to do these?! WHO SAYS THEY HAVE TO BE FOR ANYONE AT ALL!? Whatever the reason, I love when a client wants to celebrate the beautiful body that’s all hers. 

Grab a friend, I'll grab the wine, and I promise I have the perfect Spotify playlist on queue. :) 

Ask me about some more details if you're interested in setting one up!


If you are a human, have something to celebrate or remember, and have a snazzy outfit: I’M TALKING TO YOU! Lifestyle and Portrait sessions are a great way to document exactly where you are right now in this moment. Graduating high school? College? 6th grade? These are moments that you want to archive. These are the best days of your life.

The same goes for family pictures, maternity sessions, or any other occasion worth celebrating. 

You won’t find a lot of posed photos here. My job is to capture who you are, doing what you do. From time to time I might tell you where to put your arm, but my goal as a photographer is to find the personality of who you are and curate natural looking images that showcase all of your awesomeness


The "art" doesn’t stop after edited images get delivered. No, some might even say that it’s just beginning. Tangible memories that you get to hold in your hand are absolutely priceless. Facebook and social media have really changed how we document and curate our lives, but there will always be something special about holding a photograph in your hand. 

The prints you receive when you order through me have been carefully chosen from several different labs. I am always on the hunt to make sure that the papers and inks being used are of the highest quality so your precious memories will literally last forever. 

I offer everything from standard prints, to wrap around canvases and metal prints. From 4x6s to 30x45s. There is a print and size to fit perfectly in your home.

My albums are my true love. There is nothing better than a fairytale except a fairytale on paper....with pictures! That’s exactly what your wedding day is. Holding an album in your hand and flipping through the pages is such a priceless feeling. No matter how many years go by, my job is to create something that takes you back to the very moment of each image. 

My signature album (seen above) is made from the most amazing materials. The textured wrap around cover looks worn and exotic and is tied with my signature turquoise stone. I, of course, have other options available and can personalize your album in a way that speaks to you. 

Each page is made from scratch and designed individually to tell the story of your special day. Trust me, you don’t want to live your life without one of these albums. 

Made from eco friendly materials, the album is coated with a UV finish that protects against light, water, moisture, airborne contaminants, and fingerprints. Quality is always my number one priority.

2nd Photographer

There are so many great benefits to having a second shooter at your wedding: extra equipment, extra eyes, extra perspective. Extra, extra, extra! 

No, but really. Having a second perspective means that while I grab the shot of your dress being laced up or of his priceless face as you walk down the aisle, my second is capturing your mom’s tear as it rolls down her face while she laces you up and the sweet glance your father gives you as he proudly walks you down the aisle. 

So many great advantages! (Also, this allows me to miraculously be in two places at once. Ta-Da!)

I am so very proud of the partnerships and team I have built over the years. My promise as your photographer is that every associate I bring on board has the same amount of respect for your memories as I do. I look for artists whose style reflects my own to give you a seamless visual story of your big day!