Hello Lovely!


Hey there! Im Maggie!

I am a storyteller.

a lover. an artist. a facilitator of feelings.

and I am a photographer.


Ive learned something over the years- That the answer to most questions in this life always returns to one thing:   

Love… and its relationship and connection to our amazing universe.

Love changes everything- because Love is power.


Im here because 

Love is important.  

Love is worth sacrificing for,  

Love is worth celebrating, and- 

Love is definitely worth remembering.  


Im here because a revival is coming. A revival of love. And I'm searching for the worlds love stories.

A journey to document and spread these stories as a message of hope and reality-  


Do you have a message of hope? Do you look at your significant other and say, “Youre the real deal"  Do you believe in “The story of us”?

Then I believe that is powerful enough to change the world.


Because I want to work with you. Because I want to show the sacrifice, I want to celebrate with you, and I want the world to remember that love is not only important-   


But Real. Real love stories. Real hope.  

Lets change the world with love, shall we?