Hello Lovely!


Hey there! Im Maggie!

I am a storyteller. I am a lover. I am an artist. I am a facilitator of feelings.

and I am a photographer.


[    ALSO, Im telling you this in advance, because I LOVE proper expectations: I am also kind of- "extra"  :))   ]


But ya know? Id like to take this opportunity to redefine that- im fiercely passionate about Love. 

and I mean- breathtaking, raw, completely devastating, honestly empowering, world changing, intentional L O V E.


Ive learned something over the years- That the answer to most questions in this life always returns to one thing:   

Love… and its relationship and connection to the universe and its power. 

Love changes everything. Period.


Im here because 

Love is important.  

Love is worth sacrificing for,  

Love is worth celebrating, and- 

Love is definitely worth remembering.  


Im here because a revival is coming. A revival of love if you will. And I'm searching for the worlds love stories.

I am on a journey to document and spread these stories as a message of hope and reality-  


This is the love Im seeking. Do you have a message of hope? Do you look at your significant other and say, “This is the real deal, and its powerful enough to change the world.” Do you believe in “The story of us”?


Because I want to work with you. Because I want to SHOW the sacrifice, I want to CELEBRATE WITH you, and I want the world to remember that love is not only important-   


But Real. Real love stories. Real hope.   Lets change the world with love, shall we?