Knowledge is power

How long have you been in business?

7 Amaaaaaaazing years!


What primary photographic style do you identify with?

My job for my clients is to show up and visually tell a story by documenting what I see in an artistic way. I consider my style a blend of editorial and journalistic photography. Setting the scene and creating an atmosphere by styling elements of your day in an artful way is my nod toward the editorial feel. While capturing candid and small moments in a more journalistic way bring the overall story to life. The blending of these two elements is what visual storytelling is all about for me.


Are you strictly digital? What is film even? Is that still a thing?

Great question! I started my career on a digital system. However, I am excited to announce that this season I have begun incorporating more film into my wedding photography! Don’t worry; I will make sure that the most important images are taken first with the digital camera. Though, when opportunity allows, having a film perspective as well will enhance the shots I’m able to capture. I started my photography journey years ago developing my own film in a darkroom in college, and this is such a great outlet for me as an artist to be able to incorporate it. And super fun for you too! You just can’t duplicate the look and feel of film for those priceless memories.



Do you have experience shooting indoors, as well as in harsh lighting conditions outdoors?

For sure! Over the years I have gathered equipment that allows me to be able to adapt to any lighting situation. And, of course, learning over the years to be proficient with all those tiny buttons on the back of my camera gives me control over the outcome, too. :)



Do you bring back-up equipment to the event in case of malfunction?

YASSS! I carry approximately 1 billion memory cards, a handful of batteries, and various camera bodies, not including my second shooter’s equipment as well!


Speaking of equipment, what kind do you use?

I am a Canon system user! Currently shooting with a 5D Mark III. I also have a variety of high-quality lenses in my kit.  


Do you travel for weddings? If so, what does that involve?

OMG YES! I love traveling and seeing new places! I am a Southeastern photographer but do not discriminate all of the other amazing places on our beautiful planet. :) I am based out of Nashville, TN, and do not charge travel fees for anywhere within my state. To other states and beyond, we can come together and work out reasonable travel expenses. Most of the time, it will be expenses such as gas or plane tickets (if necessary) and lodging, if it will require overnight accommodations. Let’s chat about it!


Do you ever do two weddings in one day?

No way, José. Weddings are a magnificent and emotional day for me as an artist. I pour every ounce of my soul into each wedding. By the end I’ve given all I have. Each client is so special to me, and each wedding is sacred. My promise is that for that one whole day, you have everything I have to give. :)


Have you ever sent someone in your place to shoot a wedding for you?

I reference back to the importance I place on your day being sacred. That means I will make sure that I most DEFINITELY will be there. You deserve to get the artist and vision you paid for.


Your packages say “full day.” What does this mean? 

It means that I have a story to tell. Stories aren’t very good or memorable if you leave out the beginning, middle, or end. So you can rest assured I will be there for all of it. 

You also will not find hourly coverage rates in my packages. I feel that photographing a wedding cannot be rushed or defined in hours. I want to make sure I protect all of your precious, tiny moments! 


Can you be our photographer??? What are the next steps!

OMG REALLY?! (I still get really emotional when anyone books with me, WHAT AN HONOR!) I can’t wait to get to know you and your family! The next steps are setting up a consultation so I can hear more about your vision. Once we chat, we will choose a package that works for you and get you on the calendar! 


How far in advance do we need to book?

The norm is 6 months to a year. However you can book any date I have available. (Please remember the deposit is non-refundable.)


Oh, yeah, and speaking of the deposit…

For portrait and lifestyle sessions, I do not require one. However, payments are due at least one week before your scheduled session. For weddings, I require a 30% deposit to book your day. This protects both you AND me. It allows me to make sure no can come in and scoop up your date and that it is locked and ready to go!



So, payment plans… is that a thing?

Why yes! Thank you for asking! I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say that paying for vendors all at one time can sometimes be a challenge. And I know you don’t need one more thing to stress about. During our initial consultation we can come together to work out a payment plan that works best for YOU and YOUR budget. :)


So when we need to pay you, what does that process look like?
Great question! I try to make it as easy as possible. Of course the usuals, cash and check, are a given. :) (Checks are made out to Maggie Rae Photography LLC.) When you book with me you will have your own client portal that allows you to view all of your invoices and payments online as well as being able to pay via credit or debit card! 


Is it just you or do you have a second shooter or associate?

I am completely comfortable and confident shooting an event solo. If the event is big or elaborate enough that I feel I will need to be in two places at once, I will advise that you seriously consider adding a second shooter to your package. Even if you are planning a smaller affair, a second photographer can be a great addition to add another perspective and enhance the story of your day.


If I have a second shooter, will I be able to tell who took what photo?

Over the years I have developed friendships and partnerships with some truly talented people. I look for artists whose visions reflect my own and therefore are true to the style you are paying for! That way your visual story flows seamlessly from one angle to the next :)


“I saw this picture on Pinterest…”

There are so many talented artists out there whose work I find amazing and who are taking fabulous photos! However, I, as a fellow creative, do not believe in recreating images. My job is to tell YOUR story, in all of the ways that make YOU beautiful! Trust me…you want organic images. :) 

BUT, I love having a shot list!


What is a “shot list,” and why do I need one?

A shot list is a list of things that are important to you that you don’t want to have to remember the day of to ask me to shoot. Like: “Hey lets get a picture of grandma and my niece because they share the same name!” (How precious!!) Or, “Hey! I have a blended family and here is how I want the family pictures set up so that no one is put in an interesting situation.” :)

This helps me, as your photographer, make sure the day goes smoothly and nothing is missed.



 “So, I have this friend who is trying to start her photography business. Can she shadow you?”

“Hey! My aunt has this really nice camera too, can she take photos as well?” 

Let me start by saying that these are actually two very different conversations. In regards to the first one: I think it is so great when anyone makes the journey to start their photography career! How Exciting! However, my job as your wedding photographer is to make you my priority and protect the sacred moments of your day. Dividing my attention only hinders the creative process. Shadowing is best done at a more causal event. 

BUT regarding your aunt with the nice camera: I say go for it! As long as I don’t have to jockey for the attention of my subjects, I’m happy to have your aunt moving around after the ceremony to capture memories too.


How soon after my event should I expect my pictures?

I have several responses to this question. My initial response is that wedding images are turned around in 6-8 weeks and portrait sessions are 4-5 weeks. However, I do my best to get them back to you as soon as possible! I know you’re excited! Sometimes, though, “high seasons” happen where volume causes the post-processing to slow down. Of course, if this happens and a delay is imminent, you will be the first to know. :)



Do you edit or “post-process” our images

Yes, most definitely! I have spent many years creating a workflow that facilitates clean edits. My job is to make sure that all of the images throughout the day not only flow in a visual way but also a consistent one. By not “over editing” I allow more emphasis to be put on your beautiful moments. I do a small amount of retouching, but only in a way that enhances the image. I am not here to change anything about anyone and want to focus on documenting all of the beautiful things that make you you! I do sometimes take artistic license and have been known to remove random signs, poles, trashcans, that random mosquito bite on your forehead or that scratch on your arm from your delightful cat named Lucifer. (Zero hate to the awesome cats out there.)



What about black and white photos?

YES! I started out years ago trying to pick out which photos to change to black and white, and which ones to leave in color. Then when it got too hard to choose I started duplicating those few photos and making the duplicate black and white. THEN I thought who am I to choose which photos feel better in black and white?! So, NOW I duplicate all of my images in black and white so that each photo has a color and corresponding black and white image. Power to the people! (Thank you for helping me talk through that workflow journey, LOL.)


How many photos do you deliver?

On average, you will receive around 300-500 images. I want to make sure that I tell a complete story.




Unfortunately, no. I take great care in protecting my work and my brand as an artist. I am super duper proud at the work I put in—from snapping of shutter to the final edit of each frame. Let me work for you! I promise that that the vision and artistry that you paid for is exactly what you’ll receive! 



Are we allowed to post our photos on social media? I have to Snapchat this right now!

Yes, please!!! I LOOOOVVVEE when my clients are so overjoyed with their images that they want to share them with the world! Your gallery will be optimized for social media sharing, so it will be easy to post or send to friends and family. Shout outs are great too! My business is based off of reviews and word of mouth, so if you had a great experience, It means so much to me when you tell your friends about it! I WANT TO MEET THEM TOO!


What is a print release? Is there a difference between that and a copyright release?

AGAIN! GREAT QUESTION! A copyright release is a document stating who owns the photos and who is allowed to distribute and monetize the artistic property. I retain this, so, at the end of the day, I do own the images. HOWEVER, a print release is a document giving you, as my client, permission to print and share your images as many times as you like. Basically, I’m really proud of my images and take great pride in putting my name on them and want to protect that. BUT I also want you to feel free to print your photos in whatever way you want!)