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Hello Lovely!

I'm Maggie! A wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Nashville, Tennessee serving the Southeast


I am a modern day storyteller.
And this is my story...


I am a small town lady turned gypsy wanderer. A little bit crazy and a lotta bit sassy. :) I am most at peace when surrounded by our beautiful earth and the conversations of my incredible friends. I could swing in a hammock for the rest of my life if I weren’t required to adult. I also wouldn’t mind packing my stuff and my heart to travel across Europe. I love seeing our planet through sparkly-kaleidoscope eyes, and I find comfort in all of the magical things found in the everyday. 

I am obsessed with a few things: my Jeep Wrangler, Murphy and Canon—my dog-children, vinyl records, practically every succulent, and coffee (like an unnatural amount of it, seriously... it’s a problem).


Most of all, I believe in stories.

There will always be a moment to be shared, cherished, or remembered. Moments that can trigger smells, feelings, laughter, hope, and inspiration when you look back at them. I believe that these moments can be preserved and designed into a wonderful narrative, making your photographs an experience you get to hold in your hands. 

Sometimes I get really excited during client consultations and have been known to squeak in the middle of a coffee shop after hearing all the dreamy wedding details. I cry during first glance shots. I think the hour before sunset is God's greatest creation, and the world's problems can be solved with magical lighting. 

My favorite part of my job is witnessing my clients’ laughs. I find it very vulnerable and so human and love that I get to be a part of it.

I believe that photography is based on trust, and cannot express how honored I am that you are trusting me to capture a part of your life on film. My job is to facilitate a safe place to become vulnerable-So that your story goes even deeper than just a surface. Thank you. Thank you for trusting that I will tell YOUR story... I take care in making sure that whatever story we are telling that day... it’s the story of a lifetime. 

I can’t wait to start the first page.




"I believe her energy transfers to the photos she takes. Pure magic is what she does with the camera."



"She did not try to make me and my now husband anything we aren't. Instead, she got intimate and gave us portraits that don't just show our faces in great lighting but that tell an emotional and once-in-a-lifetime story."

-Hilly and Braden

"Her work stands out from the crowd because it captures the elegant choreography of life with an un-curated documentarian flair. Not everyone sees these moments, most try to create them, but she truly has a gift for capturing the tiniest moments that you will treasure and relish over the years. I could just stay in these photos and moments forever. I feel so inspired, so blessed, and so amazed by my experiences as Maggie photographed them."



"Her heart is deeply rooted in her artistry and it shows!"